Late last month, Chicago's Adler Planetarium came out with the news that their shiny new Grainger Sky Theater will be capable of 8kx8k video resolution, produced by way of 20 projectors and 45 computers processing such a massive amount of imagery.


Just a few months prior, 3D cinema magnate James Cameron stated in an interview with Variety magazine that, going forward, it was his intention to push for higher frame rates in his 'Avatar' sequels because of higher percieved return with significantly less data processing overhead.


With newer fulldome display technology imminent, it seems fairly obvious that there'll be a paradigm shift in the nature of fulldome video; either for higher framerates, or higher resolution. At the Planetarium where I work, we've been doing some tests with short video clips at the current standard of 30 fps versus a doubled rate of 60 fps alongside increases in resolution from 2k and 4k to 6k and higher and our experience has been that video looks vastly smoother, brighter, cleaner and crisper at 60 fps as opposed to simply doubling resolution.


The thing to remember is the differences in overhead. 8k is NOT double the overhead of 4k. It is QUADRUPLE the overhead and paired with extra time spent dealing with four times the data in post-production, the math we've done for increased overhead is in the neighborhood of 6 times our current production cycle. And for a 2 times increase of double the overhead, increased framerates deliver a superior experience for cheaper and quicker.


I'm super interested to hear what anyone else has to say on the matter.

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