Hi to everybody,

I'm a new member and I work in new Italian Planetarium near Milan, We have scidome sptiz standard model. I made same fulldome short movie with cg grafic computer and I run into the system in mov, I have a resolution of 1200x1200 and 30 fps compresion h264 on my pc screen appears ok but during projection on dome appears not fluid but with small jump. thans to you for your suggestion or help.


Best Regards

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Easy answer: "these things happen".

Longer answer: sounds like your system is "underpowered" for playing back movies with the frame rate and bandwidth you are attempting to run. When Loch Ness Productions makes shows for SciDome, we use 1024x1024 MPGs and a relatively low bitrate. Haven't received any complaints about dropped frames on playback.

It's my experience that MPGs play better on PC platforms and QuickTime plays better on Macs. And vice versa.

>> Mark
Mark C. Petersen, Loch Ness Productions
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>> Mark
Hi Mark,
thanks a lot for your help, it is important for me, I'm new in this experience....

Best Regards



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