The IMERSA Board of Directors is pleased to invite you to take part in a year-long strategic planning initiative, which will kick into full gear at the 2015 Summit. Ryan Wyatt will lead the strategic planning effort, but we need your support to make this effective and worthwhile. The process will culminate in the announcement of a strategic plan at the 2016 Summit.

The strategic plan has four components:

  • Our Mission succinctly states the reason for our existence, in an inspiring, enduring, and aspirational manner

  • Our Vision describes what we will achieve in the next five years

  • Our Goals articulate measurable milestones toward realizing our Vision

  • Finally, we develop specific Strategies that define how we can achieve our Goals

We will move from Mission and Vision to Goals and Strategies. The IMERSA board has drafted the Mission and Vision as described below, subject to revision throughout the early part of this process. We need your help to shape our Goals and to define our Strategies.

We propose that IMERSA’s Mission is to advance the art and technology of immersive digital experiences.

We further propose that our Vision for the next five years should be to support an international community of professionals who create large-scale immersive digital experiences in achieving the full potential of their chosen medium.

We invite your feedback on both those statements, but we especially want to know how you think what milestones could lead to realizing our Vision.

Some Goals that would support our Vision include:

  • to develop community-wide, professional standards to facilitate convergence of film domes and digital domes (an effort currently underway with AFDI)

  • to provide a forum for regular publication of peer-reviewed papers

  • to increase professional development opportunities including educational resources, certifications, and awards programs

What other Goals do you think IMERSA should prioritize in the years to come? And would you be interested in helping us develop Strategies to achieve them?

We invite your feedback at the 2015 IMERSA Summit and in this Forum. On Saturday, February 28th, 11:00 a.m, at the IMERSA Summit in Denver, we will host a Town Hall to discuss the strategic plan and to define next steps. This Forum will remain active through the 2016 Summit.

Thank you for your support and participation in this critical process for our organization.

Ryan Wyatt
Dan Neafus
Michael Daut

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