I'm a lead tech on a show that uses 360 degree domes (about 20-25 feet high) with four projectors per each dome. 2 projectors project an image on one half and the other 2 projectors project the same image on the 2nd half of the dome (we do not project anything on the very top of the dome). We use a Medialon to control the show (about 15 minutes).

We're currently using Hippotizer servers, but they have proven to be problematic (to put it politely). Hippo will not sell us the software outright so that we can build new servers. When we send out our Hippos to Hippo for repair - most of them will still not operate properly.

Does anyone know of any warping software that can be purchased that will allow me to run video on this kind of show?

It does not have to warp in real time, I'm fine with rendering a warped file that will play on a basic video playback server.

Thank you for your time.


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Have you find what you are looking for?


If you have not yet find the solution, Please contact me in my official mail address:amitava.maitra@orbit-space.com



Amitava Maitra 

Hello Jim,

You can use SOL7 which is for warping on to domes.

Regards Stephen @ lm-productions.com // www.lm-productions.com

For Stephen,

  you stated earlier this year:  "You can use SOL7 which is for warping on to domes."   What does SOL7 refer to?  Solarium v7?  I've been looking for warping software for 2 years.  I don't know what I need. I've read Paul Burke's articles, didn't help much. I use Windows as my computer system, however I could designate an older system as Linux, whichever would be best. I've also been looking for a diagram/plan for building my own single projector spherical mirror full dome system. I've been doing portable planetarium shows for 7 years with a Starlab, and I want to upgrade and have been wanting to upgrade for some time.  I would also like to make my own presentations.

If you can follow all of this, I hope you can help or give  me a clue to someone who can.  Thanks for your help.

Rod Roberts

Hi Rod,

Your welcome to call me at the LMP office on +44 1323 432170 or via Skype harveylmp or via email at stephen@lm-productions.com happy to give you some general advice and help you move forward.


Stephen Harvey

OK I have been there Jim ...

Could you put warping cards into the projectors? Just a thought do not know make or model but that would save you a lot of heartache or of your making content (and again I do not know what you are making) you could use the tools in CS5 or one of the many plug-in's for AFX?

Anyhow I have a lot of experiences with different media servers so happy to steer you in the correct direction also some of the new media server companies sell software only so that might help as well.



Sorry for the late reply, but thanks everyone. 

I basically went with Dataton Watchout 5 which works pretty well on the pc platform (though it's very particular on the hardware used). This is for work.

Personally, I went with MadMapper and VDMX5 that runs on mac. I have yet to come across anything that is better for mapping than MadMapper.

Really wish that there was a MadMapper type program for Linux, but I'm fine running on mac.

Thanks again.


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