I. Metadata Specifications

Sufficient information for future automated reading and processing of program files, including important owner information about the program.

  1. A description document file should describe all drive/DVD contents and program specifications

a)    must include plain text version of the document file

b)    may include XML version of the document file[RJW1] 

  1. Show name, version, producer, copyright statement, and other intellectual property data
  2. Total number of Dome Master frames, including number of files and/or length of encoded video file
  3. Resolution of Dome Master frames (diameter in pixels)
  4. Dome Master file format — e.g., “TGA” or “JPEG”
  5. First frame designation — e.g., “00001” or “0001”
  6. Number of audio tracks —e.g., “2” or “6”
  7. Audio file format — e.g., “WAV” or “AC3”
  8. Audio file format parameters including sample rate and bit depth — e.g., “48Khz 16bit”

10. Audio track parameters including track designation — e.g., 5.1 or stereo, or virtual tracks

11. Time code start and end value — e.g., “00:00:00 - 23:50:00”

12. Frame rate — e.g., “30 fps”, “29.97 fps”

13. Media structure — location of files, number and names of folders, etc.

14. Other program data needed for identification or proper playback

 [RJW1]At the Academy, we have developed an XML wrapper for these data

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XML metadata should also be required, and the XML schema should be fully documented.

Would it not also be helpful to include  a "degree_value" variable that coneys the content's design orientation relative to the intended theater(s)' dome tilt?

Would the degree value be useful to someone who receives this information?  If it is locked in at 15 degrees and you operate a flat configuration theater, how does this help?

Theo. A. Artz said:

Would it not also be helpful to include  a "degree_value" variable that coneys the content's design orientation relative to the intended theater(s)' dome tilt?

Including the tilt information makes sense.  Even though it's not useful in most venues, it's good information to have.  After all, presentation systems are becoming more powerful and flexible.  It's not difficult to imagine a playback system that can adapt on the fly...

Hi !!

First let me introduce myself as it is my first post here.
I'm Damien Pelisse and i'm working for RSA Cosmos, i already met some of you in past conferences.
So... unfortunatly we did not attend to the Denver summit, so we join the move a litte bit late.

I'd like the idea that we can reach some DomeMasters Standards !
All that i can find in the Spec meet some "good practices" that will help everybody.

On our side we add a README.txt at the drive root which contain the basic Metadata of the show.
A standard XML file could be really powerful, as it can open the way to an automated process on the Dome Masters files

I will post some comments in other sections.
It would be a pleasure to discuss about this with you in the next days during the IPS.

Thanks Damien,

Sure, you can wait until IPS or just post your feedback here.

Ed Lantz



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