III. Audio Files

Audio Format. To accommodate for variations in sound systems in different venues, the original digital “stem” tracks can be available for re-mixing or encoding for individual venues. A “generic” 5.1 mix is derived from these files as well as a number of odd formats such as 16.1. It is preferable to re-mix the sound in each venue when possible utilizing a portable editing system.

  1. Surround Format – e.g., stereo, 5.1, 7.1, stem tracks, or other


  1. File Format – e.g., WAV, AIFF, other


  1. Leader with test tones at -18dBV


  1. Handles and pips for sync at installation

a)    recommend ten seconds on front, 5 seconds after end of picture[RJW1] 


  1. Sampling Frequency and bit depth — e.g., 48-kHz 16-bit


  1. Frame rate for video sync — e.g., 25, 29.97 or 30 fps


  1. Start frame of either “01:00:00:00” or “00:00:00:01”


  1. Basic audio file naming convention for discrete channels[RJW2] :

a)    Front Left: filename_L.wav

b)    Front Right: filename_R.wav

c)     Rear Left Surround: filename_Ls.wav

d)    Rear Right Surround: filename_Rs.wav

e)    Center Front: filename_C.wav

f)      Center High (Top): filename_T.wav

g)    Low-frequency channel (Sub-bass): filename_LFE.wav

h)    Other: filename_XXX.wav

 [RJW1]De facto, these create problems for many installers…

 [RJW2]At the Academy, we add additional info in the file names, bit-depth, sampling rate, fps, 2/3 letter short hand for channel — e.g., Fragile Planet 16.48 29.97fps Ctr.wav

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