FULLDOME OnDemand Adds Flat-screen HD Format Options

FULLDOME OnDemand has added a flat-screen option for customers to use when renting selected shows.

"Over the years at Loch Ness Productions, we've had inquiries about flat-screen versions of our shows, particularly for use in classroom settings," said Loch Ness Productions CEO Carolyn Collins Petersen. "Traditionally, we stayed focused on the dome experience; that's what we're good at, after all. Now with the worldwide pandemic slowdown, we've found the time to meet those requests. We've created HD versions of LNP's popular fulldome shows."

Obviously, the coronavirus continues to cause havoc in the dome theater community. Most theaters are closed, and many foresee greatly-reduced or even theater-less futures. Some planetarians (those who still have jobs) are telling us about finding themselves reassigned as classroom teachers (those whose schools are even open). They are asking about presenting our dome shows there. Now they can, using the same shows they're familiar with.

"Just as with the other show packages on FULLDOME OnDemand, educators can play these as often as they like during their three-day rentals," said Carolyn. "They simply have more options now for where they want to show the content, offering greater planning flexibility."

For their classic-based movies, LNP had the original flat artwork, graphics and assets to rebuild the shows for the HD rectangle. Others, like the recently acquired Albedo shows, were created in fisheye form; so they required the "prewarped sweet-spot cutout" approach, framing the HD rectangle optimally for the flat screen. (This is the approach used for the HD trailers included in purchased show packages, for kiosk displays and such.)

The good news is... for FULLDOME OnDemand users, the HD movies are provided these at no additional cost. There were always two formats of movies offered -- fisheye and prewarped. Now in selected rental packages, there are three -- with the addition of flat-screen HD. Customers just rent as usual, and send the format of their choice to your projector, wherever it happens to be (under a dome or in a lecture hall). Same great shows, new format added.

"Not all rental packages have the HD option available yet," said LNP president Mark C. Petersen. "We started with Loch Ness Productions and Albedo shows first, to see how it goes. We're looking to get other producers on board with our plans (some already have expressed interest). You can tell which movies have HD versions by looking at their trailer preview tabs. If you see the 'HD - Flat Screen' tab, play them -- you're good to go!"

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