New version of ¨Chronicle of a Journey to Earth¨ by Antares & Loch Ness

Antares FullDome Productions ( and Loch Ness Productions (, present a brand new English version of the fulldome program ¨ Chronicle of a Journey to Earth ¨. This is the third release the companies produce together, after ¨Astronomy: 3000 Years of Stargazing¨ and ¨The Birth of The Solar System¨ that were re-released in 2010.

This new updated version of ¨Chronicle of a Journey to Earth¨ features a revised script and narration by Carolyn Collins Petersen, and music created by Mark C. Petersen.

¨Chronicle of a Journey to Earth¨
Duration: 20 min. Audience: general audience
Travel to a unique planet — to call your home!
Imagine that you are a traveler from the depths of interstellar space. As you approach our solar system, what will you find? Long before you reach the Sun, you traverse the Oort cloud, the deep freeze at the outermost reaches. You pass by the gas giants and their families of moons and rings. Finally, you reach the inner solar system, and the rocky worlds of Mars, Earth, Venus and Mercury.
If you were looking for a place to call home, which world would YOU choose?
From the cold frontier inhabited by the dwarf planets of the outer solar system to the warmth of the Sun, any self-respecting traveler would ultimately be drawn to Earth, to explore and understand how this planet alone has come to be an ideal haven for life. Discover seasonal climate changes, and witness wondrous visions from the surface of this unique world — Moon phases and eclipses. Come along for the ride, and see our neighborhood in space from a new perspective!

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