Season of Light HD: rent/stream or buy/download!

Loch Ness Productions is trying something new for this holiday season, on our FULLDOME OnDemand Web site:

We know your audiences are missing their annual tradition of seeing our show "Season of Light" on your dome during this coronavirus shutdown. So we're offering some new methods of delivering the goods -- in flat-screen HD form.


Back in September, we added HD format flat-screen movies to selected rental packages on FULLDOME OnDemand. These are intended for classroom or lecture hall showings; your projector is just trained on a flat screen instead of your dome. We didn't increase prices for the addition either; you just rent/stream as usual. But obviously you want to have socially-distanced audiences there to see it.


Recently we've been fielding questions about how you could stream these movies to audiences over the Internet. One method that's been tried is renting the package and hosting a Zoom call -- streaming the movie and hoping "Share Screen" works (and assuming everyone on the call has enough bandwidth to handle 30fps). For our usual rental method, it might be worth a try.

For those who want to offer the show on their own Websites, we've added a new option: to buy/download the HD movie. The download package comes with our permission for posting on a school/institutional webserver. We suggest you put it on a private Web page, and share the link by email with your audience members.


We're also getting enquiries for the show from the general public. They say, "With COVID-19, we can't go to our local planetarium, but have enjoyed seeing this production every year." To meet these requests, we're now offering just the HD show as a standalone streaming rental, or a purchased download for individual/home use.

If you're a planetarium director, you can just point people to our Season of Light page:

You might consider buying some shows as gifts for your family, friends and supporters. Our Purchase Page on Vimeo OTT has a "Gift this" option that allows you to pay, and send the redeem codes to the lucky recipients.


Of course if audiences can't be in the planetarium, the next best thing is to experience the dome theater virtually. For four years now, we've operated the VR Dome Theater website, to do just that. There you can stream or download our movies in 4K equirectangular form, to watch on VR headsets and mobile devices:

Finally, "Season of Light" is available in all formats, in Spanish! Feliz Navidad!

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