SpacePark360: Infinity — prepare for even MORE exhiliration!

Loch Ness Productions and Dome3D are proud to announce the start of production on SpacePark360: Infinity, a rocking collaboration of spaced-out amusement park rides and GEODESIUM music for fulldome theaters. Both companies are showing sneak previews of the rides and music at the upcoming International Planetarium Society meeting in Baton Rouge, LA, July 22-26.

The idea of setting amusement park rides on the worlds of the solar system has been a proven winner. According to Dome3D’s president Matt Mascheri, audiences in more than 40 venues around the world have raved about the show. “We wanted to create a show that would elicit an audience reaction, and a show about thrill rides seemed to be a good concept.” Jason Heaton, Producer and Lead Artist said. “Hearing recordings of full theaters screaming while riding the rides and listening to original music, those types of stories make our continuing relationship with Loch Ness Productions all the more worthwhile. Now we’re taking what we learned from SpacePark360: Geodesium Edition and making SpacePark360: Infinity even better.” Mike Narlock, Producer and Art Director said, “The notion behind the original SpacePark360 show was to create a modular show that would appeal to a cross-generational audience. Mark's music fit exactly the motif we were going for... far out music set to jaw-dropping visuals.”

“One of the things that I bring to the project is the ability to create music specifically to fit the action of the visuals – frame-accurately,” Mark says. “I’m working to preliminary movie renders of the rides, so I’m able to exactly synchronize sound effects and musical motifs to enhance the viewer’s experience of the ride. Since we have our own dome at the studio here at Loch Ness Productions, I can preview the rides as they’ll actually appear in fulldome theaters – and I can adjust the music accordingly. That’s one of the benefits that comes from my having more than three and a half decades of experience doing soundtracks for the immersive domed environment.”

SpacePark360: Infinity features nine all-new amusement park rides set in alien locales around the solar system – from Tranquility Base on the Moon to the rings of Saturn. “The Dome3D guys have been sending me these great visuals that are really setting my imagination into overdrive,” said Mark. “I can safely say that none of what I’m doing for this new edition of SpacePark360 is anything like my fans have heard before. I’m pulling out all the stops, letting the gorgeous scenes and action-packed rides that Dome3D has created be my musical guide.

SpacePark360: Infinity is in production through the rest of 2012 and slated for release in 2013. The show will be available for distribution through both companies.

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