Coral Rekindling Venus - Audience reaction

Sky-Skan would like to share some feedback on the launch of Coral Rekindling Venus.  This was put together by the producer, Felix Media.  


“Coral Rekindling Venus was released between June 5 and 7 into 22 planetariums world wide, with a number of sites following on later in the month and up into September.

(for a full current listing visit In all to date we are working with more than 25 sites around the globe.

All of the sites are exploiting their free license period to promote the film, with a number already looking at licensing the film beyond that period.
Admittedly it was not always an easy proposition to get a film set underwater into planetariums, but all those screening the film are embracing it wholeheartedly.
After the initial release we are now also being approached by new sites wanting to screen the film and test these brilliant new waters ,as it were! And this for us is testament to not only the quality of the work  but also the strong appetite within the market for new, alternate content and content that deals so artistically with one of the great current scientific and environmental conundrums; climate change and coral degradation.

And the reactions have been almost universally positive; 
From planetarium directors
An exquisite beauty…. the film was fascinating for me and for the audience too. Lynette has made an exquisite piece of art. "  - Claudio Sergio Creta Buenos Aires Planetarium Director

“ It looks magnificent…..fantastic “ – Melbourne Planetarium, Warik Nicholson - 

“I think Coral Rekindling Venus is a masterpiece. We feel the Museum is so fortunate to be a part of it and are so looking forward to sharing the work with diverse audiences .  
I hope that this is the beginning of many collaborations, and that we can be of support to Lynette Wallworth’s supreme and dazzling vision again and again.” - Ruth Cohen, American Museum of Natural History Senior Director of Education, Strategic Initiatives and Director of the Center for Lifelong Learning 

The media
“At the dome premiere of Coral: Rekindling Venus in the American Museum of Natural History, audible gasps filled the room, audience members clasped their hands to their chests and a few left the planetarium in tears. Through imagery and music, Wallworth offered audience members an opportunity to gain a personal connection to our oceans”.The Huffington Post

"…a powerful sense of immersion. The journey is riddled with astronomical metaphor, occasional bursts of the familiar, and things recognizable only from science fiction." New Scientist

“Coral has a wonderful sense of rhythm –  quite breath-taking. From start to finish, it's a beautiful cascade” -  Spoonfed

“Visually stunning – haunting and often emotional” - - Sublime

And most importantly audiences
"If I was to die now I would want to die watching this film .With it's colors, emotions, sensations  I feel i could make a seamless transition from the beauty of the earth to the Beauty of the infinite."- Francoise Taxil Cezanne

“What an incredible work, congratulations. It was a moving experience. As my 6 year old said "Mama, it's so much LIFE!" - Nicole Newnham Malarkey  FB San Francisco 
"What an astounding, mesmerizing film, felt so privileged to see it tonight at Greenwich. Thanks to Lynette and all involved for such a beautiful reminder of how special our coral reefs are."
Cassandra Cameron - FACEBOOK
"Absolutely beautiful, mesmerizing imagery!"  -Annette Smith – FACEBOOK 
"An extraordinary powerful mesmerising beautiful work" - Virginia Gordon - TWITTER - @chatsbury




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